The Best Thomann Guzhengs of 2021

If you are one of those people who is on an express trip through Europe or a US citizen residing in this continent and you want to get a guzheng model, let us tell you that you have come to the right place , not only for being on our site and revealing what it is. that best suits your current claims, but for the store that sells it to you. Have you heard of Thomann?

It is like Amazon or eBay but with the instruments: very good prices adapted to the current budget of each particular user, excellent delivery service in less than a week, excellent quality-price relationships and attention to the smallest detail , from packaging to delivery. own instrument itself

This is just the tip. We can only tell you that a Thomann-stamped guzheng is synonymous with elegance, purity and showiness . Are you going to leave for another occasion the browsing and subsequent selection of that particular Chinese zither that you want? We say it because on European soil this guzheng catalog is sparking out of the demand it is!

List of the Best Guzhengs Deals on Thomann today

What models of guzhengs do we currently have for sale at Thomann?

Depending on the additions you have, the elements that are printed on your construction and their size, we will group the wide catalog of small and large guzhengs that Thomann has. These are some of the models most requested by customers:

Artino Marco Polo Chinese Guzheng excellent value for design and cost from Thomann

Manufactured by the most expert hands of guzheng on Italian soil and by a genuine tree from China such as the Parasol, we cannot expect anything other than robustness in abundance , but beware…. Everything could indicate that its price is going to be high: that it does have spare strings, picks, covers and floor fixers, that it can be tuned, that it does have top-quality materials, excellent sound, but quite the opposite. We have a super accessible price of just over 300 euros, a bargain considering everything you have behind you . In this model the sides, its arched top, the ropes, everything is refined in detail

And before being received by the customer, there is always a thorough inspection, a regular at Thomann. The wood that is printed on it will ensure the robustness, tenacity and durability of your guzheng for several years , in addition to something that we will comment on below. This model is large in size so you will not be able to have that lightness to take it from one place to another. It is designed to give both regular and occasional uses and to be used both in private and public areas , and for any user of the guzheng, whatever its performance, whether it is at the level of low class or premium class. You have it all and at a laughable price. You can’t ask for more for less!

High-end Guzheng VI from Thomann

With this model we go up in price, all this caused by a more attractive design, where we not only see the wood itself, the body of the guzheng so that you understand us, we also have added extras of Chinese nomenclatures in the small edges of the guzheng, both on the front and rear wall vertically like the sides of the arched lid. Its ropes are more robust and with greater resistance over time than the previous model, it has solid Paulownia wood , a type of material widely used in exclusive high-cost guzheng, its top is made of mahogany wood, an exclusive wood used in luxury furniture. The size is not different from the previous prototype, preserving its dimensions and we have added the same accessories, including the guzheng fixer

Analyzing its design in more detail, it has flower designs, not real obviously, drawn by hand along the edges that adjoin the strings , details that make it not only beautiful on the inside but also on the outside, that enters more by the eyes. Its more than one and a half meters in length does not make it light and comfortable to carry from one place to another , that despite the fact that it has an added cover. It is intended to be used in fixed sites and in places of a sacred nature such as palaces or places of reincarnation in China. Although be careful, you can also have it at home. We are free for everything. Its sound is more tonal, long-lasting and pleasant to the ear . This model isExclusive to Thomann, you won’t find it for sale in any other store on the market . If you were looking for the best in guzhengs in the times that run at modest costs, this is one of the top recommended by us

Why buy guzhengs of any kind at Thomann?

4 reasons why acquiring guzheng from Thomann is a once in a lifetime opportunity if you are passing through Europe and have heard of this masterful shop that sells all the instruments in the world that you can imagine:

Immediate availability with reception in less than a week, contrary to what happens with other alternatives such as eBay, where the shipping delay takes more than a month, totally free shipping costs , being a product over € 99, warranty for 36 months , in other words, 3 years in case you suffer something unforeseen and buy at 0 risk for 30 days from the receipt of the guzheng

The best parcel services provide Thomann service to receive your guzheng in your hands and for a fleeting time: DHL and Ups . The safest means of payment on the market are insured, with debit or credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal . And the most important! By buying it from Europe, you get rid of that nightmare that involves paying an extra extra for your guzheng, leading to more accessible costing and less late delivery of the instrument.

If you are not currently within the SEPA zone (countries that comprise the European Union), you will not be able to obtain your guzheng from Thomann . It only provides services to countries within the EU. Guessing if you are on European soil or not is easy: you just have to know what currency you are using on your trip. If the euro, great, you can make your transaction in this reputed German brand

A trip is not made every day, and if you complement it with getting that ancient Chinese instrument that you have been looking for for so long while you are on a walk in that particular European country since you visit us, the memory you take with you is indelible. It’s now or never: make it happen!