Chinese Travel-Size Guzheng Constructed of OrientalMusicSanctuary Brand Rosewood Wood | The most demanded economic of 2021!

Thousands of years dazzling the ears of thousands of people, hundreds of them with a model at home and you, well, “with two candles.” We do not understand how you could get to that point. Well yes, one of the reasons why having one at home has been able to put you back is the prices at which the guzheng are available, which are not cheap especially

They are not cheap because you do not investigate in depth or because you had not found us. Do you know that the guzheng review you are in now has a price of less than € 300 available and not only is the instrument included, but it also has more things, the essentials of the Chinese zither?

If you want to discover what they are, you already know what you have to do: stay here, find out if this model is for you and, later, enjoy as a boy or a girl! Nice to have you among our ranks 😊

What are the main characteristics of Paulownia wood travel class guzheng?

They are scarce but good enough to catch those users fairer in terms of budget. Let’s go with his guts:

  • Its moderate size: It is smaller than similar models in the segment. With 49 inches in size (about 120cm approximately) it makes up a size neither too nor too small that will make it transportable from one place to another in a more pleasant way and you can take it with you, on a trip wherever you want. When you see one of the things it has added you will be surprised…
  • Constructed of Paulownia and Rosewood. With the conjunction of both types of wood, you ensure several things at the same time: a leathery instrument, very well finished and durable over time. This kind of splinter is present in some of the most expensive instruments on the market. Its construction has advantages such as the good grip it makes to the strings or the sound, which it generates as a kind of echo that spreads the sound
  • It has a wonderful finish in a brown tonality and with a Chinese letter print: This last sketch, the one with the letters, will make you feel like a true Guzhentist, as well as giving the instrument a certain showiness. Other models and with more expensive costs do not even have this type of external appearance. With this we not only make sure that it complies on the inside, but also on the outside
  • All accessories included! The fixer floor, the tunerset stringsset quills, and don’t miss the classic protective cover to wave it back where you go in style. This is the bomb. No current model on the market gives us so much for such a low cost. Thanks to this, your experience with guzheng will go up to the next level or you will start on high if it is the first time that you are going to acquire one.

Best Offer of the Guzheng Travel in a restrained size

What are the advantages of having this kind of guzheng in my hands and not other similar prototypes in the segment?

Many of them you have already discovered. We have the main thing, the instrument, and your right eye, your left eye, your right and left arm, come on, we have all your essentials to ensure from the beginning that the instrument lasts longer and each of its elements is kept safe for more. weather

An example of this are the spikes. With them, you will be able to strum the specific string to be manipulated in a more precise way, in addition to the fact that this accessory is prepared for it. With your fingers it can come the case in which the movement we do it abruptly and it is not recommended . The same thing happens with the tuner, which in this way we can have the guzheng tuned according to what we want a lower or higher tone. There is one thing that very few models have included in the order pack:

And this is a self-help book or guide to learn to handle guzheng from scratch, without previous experience and without anyone’s help. In other words, for an economic access you have a written tutorial on a tray which will explain what are the basic steps to follow and start from the beginning on the right foot. If you are one of those people located in the guzheng beginners club, this is the model you need

Why buy Oriental Music Sanctuary’s 49 inch travel style guzheng from our online store?

Its versatility in terms of accessories, its portability to carry from one place to another, its guide to learning how to handle it without resorting to third parties and its low cost, make it one of the best-selling tops on Amazon this year . The offer of this guzheng comes precisely from that store named in advance, a store with which we expressly collaborate

With this you have guaranteed immediate availability, any questions you have you have our excellent customer service and an indefinite stock of 24 hours , day like normal people or at night like vampire you can buy this economic guzheng model

Do not miss this unique opportunity and get this prototype of guzheng with added accessories at the lowest cost today, or it will be too late…

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