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You have just bought your guzheng or are about to do it and you are inquiring through our online site until you come across this review. Apparently nothing to review, as your guzheng comes with its corresponding protective accessory. But what if we told you that this case, which we are going to analyze in detail, is better than all the protective covers included in the instrument packs ?

We are not saying it, it is supported by some of the clients who have been lucky enough to have it in their hands. Various compartments, premium materials and your guzheng coated in a unique way as it deserves . You only have one mission and it is to safeguard wherever you go your guzheng

That mission can only be fulfilled if you stay on this page and discover what this protective case for the Chinese citara brings with it. Now get going for your goal, let’s go!

What are the main features of Landtom brand guzheng protective wrap?

Many of them, a priori, will sound familiar to you, others not so much, and they are these:

  • A body in sane handle: It is the first thing that stands out to the eye, the most external, which makes more than one enter through the eyes, that original silky, soft and pleasant to touch fabric that gives a unique personality to the cover , differentiated from warmer tones of the compartments which we will talk about now. The one who has this body makes him adopt many advantages
  • Resistant to sun rays, scratches and bumps. This is one of the advantages. Thanks to the softened material of the leather and that each of the walls has padding , they cushion the accidental impacts that you may have, such as hitting your guzheng head-on into the wall or dropping it to the ground. With this system you can keep it protected at all times, resisting moderate impacts. Don’t throw it from a terrace either, although we don’t think you’ll do that, or if we don’t kill you 😜
  • It is waterproof: For those days when an unexpected rain catches us and we go down the street carrying the guzheng as a briefcase, it will be a life saver that will allow you to be calmer . Its walls have filters capable of retaining water and not leaving a free way for it to leak inside
  • Different pockets of different sizes. All of them are designed to store the different accessories of the Chinese zither such as spare strings, tuner, picks, etc. They are differentiated from the main layer by thin gold lines and are large enough to hold several units of all the accessories discussed beforehand

Landtom Seal Guzheng Protective Wrap Best Offer

What do I adopt with this high-end protective case model compared to other cases in its segment?

We have revealed it ourselves in the bold header just above, the high-end thing. And it is that it has this mark if we compare them with other protective covers in the sector . Its price is more expensive, but all this is justified by the amount of things that protects us and the compartments it has, giving us a versatility not seen in any other cover on the market.

The one that has several pockets is not something indifferent. Many standard quality guzheng protectors have just one and it is not enough to store all the accessories that the instrument needs , such as that didactic book that we always have to carry with us to become familiar with the instrument. Carrying the book in one hand and the cover in the other hand becomes somewhat uncomfortable. With this case this will not be a problem

The same thing we can say to you that it has that waterproof capacity, and that is that the less you expect it the family member on duty or the weather gives us an unpleasant surprise , wetting the guzheng bridge by accident and putting our hands to our heads. You, every time you are at home, you are partying and you have your guzheng well tucked and closed in the cover, you will not have to worry

Why buy the protective lining for guzheng in our online store?

Because at we not only like what is inside, we are not only interested in what is internal, we are also interested in what is external, especially in today’s times where everything has become so visual. And to you, is the external and the class going to you or are you one of those who does not pay attention to that? If so, let us tell you that you don’t actually worship your guzheng

That has a quick solution: right on this page, with a single click, you will go to Amazon, you can easily reserve it in the cart thanks to the fact that we collaborate with the online giant and only wait 48/72 hours to have them in your hands and show the guzheng and us what breed you are made of

Now you are going to wear that guzheng with a unique personality and style. Acquire it at the best price that your stock is made sparks of what is requested!

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