Set of 2 pairs of guzheng picks from Sound of China brand | Have a unique element in the body that makes the zither sound better!

Having some musical picks for the Chinese zither will not only make your life easier when it comes to strumming each of its strings, but also your guzheng, because you will not be manipulating it in a rough way with your fingers and you will be handling it, stroking while you touch him, using that element that he does approve of. It does not approve of you using anything or your hands, and more if they are even dirty

This pack of musical picks for guzheng come in different sizes to adapt according to the finger where you are going to put it or where you feel more comfortable playing it . They are made of a unique material which has picks of a medium-high range and even their finishes attract attention at first glance, with dark and light tones at the same time.

Do you want to take the melodic performance of your guzheng to the next level? Then not leaving here would be the only way to achieve this act. Enjoy the review and discover its peculiarities!

What are the main features of Sound of China brand guzheng picks?

Sound of china, one of those brands that is not joking and brings the best of the market at a very accessible price. These are some of the details that stand out the most in this product:

  • 4 adapted musical picks designed to be carried on each of the fingers . With sizes that vary slightly, they are all designed to be worn on the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger . Having several of them in the pack will allow you to carry several picks at the same time, something to keep in mind if we are already advanced guzheng artists and want to play complex melodie
  • Very good grip on each of the fingers. Thanks to the small rubber band it has, always smaller than the size of the fingers, it will fit perfectly and allow each of the plectrums on the fingers to be kept taut, having the feeling that at no time it will fall off as if it were a ring. it will be treated
  • The finishes in contrasting tones. This detail seems little important if we are in front of a product like this, but nothing is further from the truth. Here anything has to look beautiful, no matter how small or remote it may be, and with these musical picks it would not be less. The fact that this type of finish is printed on its body makes it one of the most attractive today
  • Body made of celluloid. Have you ever heard of it? It is present in materials of a leathery nature and that it intends to resist for years. That is precisely what you will achieve, a strong structure with which that string will vibrate arduously and produce the desired sound on the zither and, in addition, it will hold you like the first day for years.

Best Offer of Sound of China seal guzheng picks

What do I gain from having this set of musical picks in my hands compared to other similar models that are sold on the market?

It’s good, because of its material that makes it tenacious inside, beautiful, that makes the outside look elegant picks adapted to modern times and is cheap, if you take into account that it has added up to 4 musical picks , and in many of our melodies, the most basic, you will use a maximum of 1 or 2 picks. Use it on a one-off or recurring basis, it will withstand the passage of time very well, so a part of the guzheng will be well covered for several years

Another of its strengths is the sound that it allows us to create, which differs from that created with other picks in the segment or with our own fingers. You can skip this product and tap it with your fingers. It is not something that looks bad, but it is true that the difference in sound is notorious. For this type of product is sold in the market. The experience at a melodic level and playing that particular string, reaching more quickly and precisely, you will notice it once you attach it to your fingers

In addition to being super accessible, you have the possibility of a return in case something of the product goes wrong, it was not what you expected or it arrives in bad condition . If you are a person who is just beginning to play the Chinese zither, you can skip this product until you get a minimum experience. For those who have been on the trail for several years, this series model of musical picks for guzheng is one of the best options you have today

Why buy this set of guzheng picks from our online store?

Because you have stock of this series of strings from the exclusive Chinese brand Sound of China day, afternoon and night, because we collaborate with the most reputable brand in the world, with Amazon behind us, because we take care of you and look for the best set models of current picks on the market and because we want you to not be someone conventional with the instrument, someone who buys it and has it there as an ornament

It is not that we want to, you are going to take it to the top, to that area where few arrive with their guzheng and our team is going to put it on a tray: Just one click and from this page, you will go to the page in question of the American giant and you will only have to book it with the safest means of payment in the world

Imagine that you are touching the guzheng, which already shines, complemented by those spikes on your fingers, like that engagement ring that makes them shine. If you have, make that imagination come true right now by acquiring it at the best price!

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