The Best eBay Guzhengs of 2021

One of those most coveted instruments in the world could not be ignored by eBay, one of the best options you have on the net to get the guzheng you want, whatever the range. Its pricing and payment policy is one of the best on the market and is adapted to the customer at all times . Each of the guzhengs sold here are new, they come in different sizes and at different prices.

Accessible models and suitable for the most beginners and more inaccessible prototypes and suitable to be carried by those who know about this, the experts, the trainers. Think that you are walking and you see something stand out from the rest. It is the same that happens when you land on this page of : Your catalog of guzhengs of any kind on eBay is the most complete, varied and updated on the market , and of course, you have it exclusively only here

Now you only need to do one thing: Swipe down, thoroughly investigate our list and choose that specific guzheng that you have been looking for for so long. As the Chinese would say:不客气😊! And in Spanish we say: A few hours to enjoy and dazzle the neighborhood with that characteristic sound of the instrument

List of the Best Guzhengs Deals on eBay today

What models of guzhengs do we have for sale on eBay today?

Depending on the size of the guzheng, whether or not accessories are added and the type of material they are made of, we gut the vast catalog of the quintessential Chinese zither. All of them are designed for specific situations and respond to specific user needs. These are some of the most prominent and sold:

eBay QIYUE Brand Paulownia Wood Mini Guzheng

One of the smallest models in the segment. Designed to be used anywhere in the house and that responds to the user’s portable needs , like that portability computer that we have and take with us everywhere, because something similar happens with this tiny guzheng. Its 21 inches, its light weight compared to others in the segment and its strong robustness , possessing some of the elements always present in high-end guzhengs, makes it one of the TOP options for the user . We forget …

Its price, which is super accessible to a wide spectrum of customers , whatever their financial situation. It must be said that this model is not the most attractive on the market, nor the most elegant, the one that does not have Chinese nomenclatures or some outline in clear allusion to Chinese culture , but it does not matter. It is intended for partial uses and not for public events. It has added in the product pack , all included in the price, a protective case as a briefcase to protect this small eBay guzheng, spare strings, tuning key and picks to strum each of the strings . If you were looking for a portable guzheng with the minimum benefits, this is the model you have to win

Professional Guzheng 51 Inch Paulownia Sliver Brand HUEYUEGUZHENG from eBay

Although the brand differs, this prototype comes from the same vendor, who has one of the best customer satisfaction in the catalog and no wonder … If with the beginner and tiny model you did not settle all your claims, without problems. Now Chinatown, as the seller is called, brings us this guzheng that enlarges in dimensions, which is intended to be used in public places and be played by people who have been familiar with the instrument for some time . It has the same material, the same accessories as the previous model and retains high-end guzheng details without raising the price too much

And it is that this model has an excellent value for money due to the quality of each of its ropes, the material it is made of and the experience at the sound level. The negative is that it is heavier, it is no longer so portable, since it measures more than one meter, and its weight is not so light . Besides all this, it doesn’t have a guzheng prop, but don’t worry about it. You can get them in the market at good prices. The design of this guzheng resembles the previous model , especially in the central area where the strings overflow. Less on the sides, which are more refined in this large model than in the small one.. It is not the most colorful either, but for what you are going to pay, all that it gives you and the performance of using it for orchestral purposes, for example, makes it one of the best options on the market today.

JUNQIN GUZHENG Brand Premium Range 63 Inch Double Wood Paulownia & Rosewood Professional Guzheng from eBay

One of the most TOP on the market with a shape more similar to a harp than the instrument itself, one of the largest, most refined and longest-lasting on the market due to the double splinter used throughout its entire structure . Its price is not accessible, as expected, and if you did not expect it, you only have to look at the grade it has, or at least that is what the seller does in the description of the product. It takes a very high number and that means that we are in front of a genuine guzheng, the real one, one that is worthy of being played in the presence of many people and in exclusive places in China.

Its design is slightly duller and darker, it is super heavy, it is more attractive than the previous models mentioned and it has all the accessories that we have mentioned, in addition to having the linebacker to fix it and not having to struggle to find a place for it. , just as it could happen with the previous model. In this model the seller is not kidding and includes all the benefits for the most demanding users. This double wood will ensure a longer life, but not only on the outside. Also internally, because of what we have in this product . By spending significant amounts of money, as with this model, you get to own a long warranty policy for years, something that with prototypes at more reasonable and accessible prices you do not have available

Why buy guzhengs of any kind on eBay?

List of guzhengs at more reasonable and economic prices, others at more expensive and high costs, suitable for that public that wants the best of the best, are some of the mixtures that the guzheng catalog has on eBay. In just a few clicks and in immediate availability, you will be lucky enough to acquire reputable guzheng that you know in advance are in perfect condition and sold not by just any sellers from anywhere, but reputable sellers of the highest quality

Tell you two things that you will have to go through if you buy a mini guzheng or a large-size guzheng on eBay: like any buyer, you are subject to customs procedures, that process in which the guzheng, once arrived from Chinese lands , spend an introspection at the main airport of your country of residence and depending on how much you have paid for your guzheng, you will have to pay a greater or lesser percentage of money. The VAT to pay depends on your country

This means that you will have to pay an extra, in addition to what has already been disbursed. This added detail to the fact that it comes from China, will mean that your shipping delay is not 24 hours, but lasts for more than a month , in some of the models we have added 30-day return policies and the best means of payment instant with debit or credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, GPay or to pay it as financing in up to 24 months with Paypal Credit